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Solar Air Conditioner & Heat Pump

12,000 BTU Hybrid AC/DC Minisplit Air Conditioner and Heater
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100% Solar Air Conditioner NO AC Power or Grid Connection Required


This is the 5th generation of our ACDC12x solar air conditioner series with a new key feature we've had so many requests for - our new "C" model ACDC12C solar air conditioning technology requires no grid connection. Like previous versions, it also needs no batteries, no inverter, no charge controller - just plug in the solar panels and start saving up to 100% on daytime cooling or heating costs. A grid connection can be added to automatically allow operation at night, as well as to provide higher daytime capacity & uninterrupted operation during cloudy or low sunlight conditions.

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During the day the ACDC12C can run exclusively on solar power with no AC power or grid connection when solar is strong enough. The maximum speed/capacity will be based on the level of available solar power available. If also connected to AC power source, the unit can run at full speed whenever needed, and will add in just enough AC power, if/as needed, while still primarily using available solar DC power.

The HotSpot engineering team created the world's first DC solar air conditioner in 2007 and has led the world in solar AC design and quality manufacturing for more than 10 years. We are pleased to offer our 5th generation solar AC, the model ACDC12C. Like our previous solar hybrid versions, the ACDC12, and ACDC12B, the ACDC12C blends solar DC power directly with AC power to deliver a seamless cooling or heating experience while making the best use of free DC solar power. But unlike previous versions, the ACDC12C does not require an AC backup connection to operate during good sunlight conditions. During the day it can operate on 100% solar power.

When connected to both solar and an optional AC power source, the ACDC12C only uses small amounts of power from the utility company, if and as needed. Hybrid operation eliminates the need for batteries and allows use of the system 24 hours per day. The system primarily uses solar power, and mixes it with normal AC power, if available, at times when solar availability is reduced due to clouds, overcast sky, or at night. When a grid connection is present, the ACDC12C can use all of the available solar power before using any contribution from the grid and should have 3x 72-cell solar panels. If no AC connection is available, the ACDC12C estimates the amount of solar power available in real time based on panel voltage and reduces its speed to match the estimated amount of available solar power, less a buffer to prevent brownout or frequent cycling on/off. The brownout/cycling buffer can be as high as, or more than, 50%, so for a fully offgrid application we suggest 6x 72-cell panels as being optimal. Of course, the unit will not run without an AC connection in low sunlight conditions, or at night. The ACDC12C includes a digital power display so you can get an idea of how much AC and/or DC power is being used in the system. We also have an ACDC18C that works in a similar manner and should have 4 panels for normal grid connected use, and 6-7 connected 72-cell panels when used without grid power.

For home or office use, this system can cool an area for free with up to 100% of the energy coming from sunlight. In addition to cooling, the ACDC12C solar heat pump will provide solar powered heating, operating all the way down to an outside ambient temperature of 5 ⁰F. No matter how far north or south you are, this is the right system for you. No net metering needed. Single indoor unit.


How It Works


ACDC12C solar air conditioners need no batteries, and uses three or more (up to six) solar PV panels to deliver a huge savings. During the day, when air conditioning is needed the most, you can operate this unit with very little or no draw on your utility meter. At night, you continue to save due to the official SEER 22 rating on this unit. This solar mini-split air conditioner design allows you to put solar cooling into the area where it's needed the most and avoid the security issues of an unsightly and noisy window unit. If your location needs heat during the winter, take a full 1-ton of the daytime heating load off of your main heating system for free and get a head start on evening heating requirements.  Since it's a ductless system, it allows 100% of your heating or cooling to be delivered to whre it's needed without the loss that occurs in a ducted system. Note - this is not an "off-grid battery powered" unit, although adding batteries is possible, it is not the recommended use.

Solar Air Conditioning Cooling & Heating Augmentation
Augmenting a space heating or cooling system with solar makes perfect sense. In addition to heating or cooling a small area, it allows you to add capacity to an existing system, or reduce the load on an existing system, either or both of which can save you money and add comfort. Solar augmentation also allows offsetting of higher daytime electricity rates and reduces the amount of early evening catch-up required by the normal system. The ACDC12C hybrid solar air conditioner allows you to add comfort without adding energy cost, and can sharply cut your daytime heating and cooling bills.

Get up to 100% of your daytime cooling (or heating) free from the sun. Plug-N-Play solar connections make installation simple. Over SEER 22 on normal AC power. Calculated SEER equivalent net of DC power is >SEER 75. Requires min. 3x solar PV panels. Panels are not included however complete kits including panels are available. Give us a call!

The ACDC12C installs just like a normal minisplit air conditioner, then you connect the solar panels using industry-standard MC4 connectors. You can use 3 or more normal solar panels (recommended 72 cell panels) of 290w-375w each and wired in series. You can order the panels, etc. from us or purchase them locally, note the panels should be minimum 36vmp rated, please review the specifications. If you use 60 cell panels (30vmp), use a minimum of four 60 cell panels. For off-grid operation during the day with no AC connection, with either type solar panel you may wish to add at least one additional panel.

The ACDC12C is shipped pre-charged with R410a, an ozone-friendly refrigerant and we recommend hiring a professional HVAC installer. If self-installing, you will need a licensed HVAC technician with a vacuum pump to do the final commissioning and to comply with US federal law. The units include a 3M lineset, if a longer one is needed, you may use a standard lineset which can easily and quickly be made onsite by the installer. You can also order various length linesets (1/2" x 1/4") from various online sellers such as Home Depot, Amazon, etc.


Anti-Corrosion For Long Life
Designed to last a long time in coastal and/or island areas where salty mist, saline fog, or salt spray may come in contact with critical air conditioner components, the ACDC12C uses SeaSpray Anti-Corrosion Technology to protect major components from corrosion.


On pure AC power when no free solar energy is used, official SEER is >22. SEER is "Seasonal EER" and is a way of describing an "average EER" and considers that the system operates under part-load conditions a majority of the time. Currently, there is no official test standard for testing SEER or SEER based on whether or not the energy is paid for. However, if you perform a SEER calculation and include only the paid energy, this calculated SEER can be as high as SEER 75 or above when using solar along with AC backup power.

Ordering & Pricing

The Manufacturer's List Price on the ACDC12C is $1,795 USD. Solar panels, etc., are not included. Complete kits are also available, please call or email to discuss kit options. Companies interested in becoming Dealers please contact us here. For qualified solar and HVAC professionals who purchase in quantity contact us and we will put you in touch with the dealer in your area for special bulk pricing.

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