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Chiltrix Chiller

Ultra-Efficient Air Conditioning & Heating & Hot Water
Small Air-To-Water Ductless Heat Pump Chillers
CX34 Supports up to 8 indoor units per system.













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CX34 2 Tons Cooling/ 3 Tons Heating. Self-contained R410a chiller heat pump.

IPLV: Cooling 26,150 BTU
COP 6.75
EER 23.02


NPLV: Cooling 30,049 BTU
EER 30.72

Heating COP 3.92
Cap. 33,813 BTU

CX34 ultra-efficient AHRI-Certified R410a reverse cycle air to water chiller w/ DC inverter compressor, DC inverter pump, DC inverter condenser fan, and DC inverter fan coils. MODBUS capable. Patent pending. See System Overview (2 pages, fast read).


For ductless, ducted/central, hydronic floor heating - any or all can be used in combination. Ductless configuration eliminates duct loss and duct installation cost. Stackable to 2 / 4 / 6+ tons. Sealed, self-contained R410a outdoor unit. No lineset limits, low cost installation with no refrigeration license needed.


Save 70% on your annual water heating costs. Let the Chiltrix chiller built-in water heating function be your primary source of hot water and get a savings of 70% or more on water heating costs.

Anti-Corrosion technology is used on all outdoor units, protects against salt air in coastal environments. See anti-corrosion details.

V18 Variable Power Backup Heater offers precise control. See inline tankless backup heat solution for air-to-water heat pumps.

Dynamic Humidity Control


Psychrologix™ controller actively manages humidity and continuously optimizes efficiency up to EER 31 and higher. Controller dynamically manages compressor speed, pump speed, condenser fan speed, loop temperature, and Includes several additional automated and programmable features. See Details

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Dynamic Outdoor Heating Reset


Allows the CX34 to Operate
Above Official Heating COP Ratings.
See Outdoor Reset Control

The Chiltrix small air cooled chiller compressor is fully variable in capacity and its operation is continuously adjusted to match the required heating or cooling output, avoiding on/off cycling and wasted energy. When measured on an annual basis, the average energy savings produced by the Chiltrix dynamic capacity system can exceed 40-50%.

Chiltrix uses a variable speed (VSD) pump for the hydronic loop circulation. When full water flow is not needed due to off-peak capacity requirements, the water pump slows down and uses less energy. The variable speed pump and variable speed compressor work in tandem with the system controller using a special algorithm to keep the compressor and pump both working at the optimum speed. The variable speed condenser fan is controlled in a similar manner. This allows all of the consumers of electrical power within the chiller to operate at the lowest power level to meet the current load. Dynamically controlling the water pump speed and compressor speed independently of each other helps us to achieve the highest levels of performance. In addition, Chiltrix offers DC-Inverter indoor fan coil units, further reducing electrical power consumption (along with lower sound levels and longer lifespan).

Working together, the variable speed compressor, variable speed pump, variable speed condenser fan, and variable speed indoor units all operate at the most efficient level of power consumption possible to meet the demand. From 25% to 100%, the system is always exactly the right size for the job. Under varying real-world conditions the CX34 chiller can efficiently operate at the capacity needed and can achieve up to 50% or more in electrical savings each year compared to a standard chiller, heat pump, or air conditioner. See the details of Chiltrix high efficiency chiller heat pump technology.

The Psychrologix™ psychrometric chiller controller dynamically manages humidity and automatically adjusts the parameters of the chiller in real time, for an off-the-charts increase in efficiency (above its already high rating) when dehumidification is not needed. DHC (Dynamic Humidity Control) can automatically lower the indoor unit coil temperatures to quickly remove any humidity increase. When humidity is within acceptable limits, the system will dynamically reconfigure itself to the most efficient possible operating parameters allowing the chiller to run well above its rated efficiency. The Psychrologix™ chiller control option also adds a wide range of programmable and automated features in addition to DHC and can manage up to three chillers. See the Psychrologix™ DHC controller details here. See the detailed chiller controls white paper here.

The Chiltrix air-to-water heat pump can also connect to a hot water heat exchanger tank and provide domestic hot water, summer or winter. Save up to 70% or more each year on your water heating costs using our high efficiency heat pump to heat your water. Requires a heat exchanger tank (or a solar tank). Available: Automatic Hot Water Tank Anti-Legionella Function

Certified by AHRI in accordance with the AHRI 550/590 (I-P) and AHRI Standard 551/591 (SI). NPLV rating at W55F. Heating performance in accordance with AHRI 550/590 (I-P) and AHRI Standard 551/591 (SI). See detailed performance information here.

EER Comparision Chart

Anti-Corrosion Technology

FAQ Chiltrix


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