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Chiltrix Ultra Effiecient Chiller

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Ultra-Efficient Air Conditioning & Heating & Hot Water
Small Air-To-Water Ductless Heat Pump Chillers


3 Tons Heating / 2.0 Tons Cooling

Stackable to create systems of 2 ,4, 6 Tons, etc
IPLV 26,150 BTU Cooling / 33,813 BTU Heating IPLV EER 23

Flexible Design Options:
Mini-split / Ductless, Central Ducted, or Integration w/ Floor Heat, Boiler or Solar Thermal


AHRI-Certified. Connect up to 8 indoor units.


Low Ambient Ducted or Ductless (Mini-Split) Heat Pump Air Conditioner Chiller Highest Efficiency Heating and Cooling

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High cost power got you down? This system can use less power than what a SEER 30 system would use. It's perfect for high cost power locations or solar applications and for any home owner or small business that wants to provide reliable and low cost cooling and heating.


We used every trick in the book and then some to create the Chiltrix heat pump chiller. This is the AHRI-Certified small heat pump unit of the future that is very easy to install and eliminates all lineset length issues. Cooling or heating is transported via simple water/glycol lines. The outdoor unit is completely self-contained. Just add power and connect the water lines. The indoor units are also very simple to install, just add power, connect the water lines, and connect a condensation drain line.  The CXI series DC-Inverter fan coil units are the quietest fan coil units on the market. Shown below there are various indoor unit options, available in various sizes from ~1/4 ton (3,400 BTU) up to 1 ton (12,000 BTU). Larger indoor units can be special ordered. More indoor fan coil unit details are here. Up to 8 indoor units can connect to a single CX34. It also has options to easily connect to ducted/central systems, boilers, and hydronic / radiant heating systems.


Anti-Corrosion technology is used on all outdoor units, protects against salt air in coastal environments. See anti-corrosion technology details.


COOLING: What makes an ultra-efficient air conditioner? . What really makes an air conditioner stand out is how it performs under part-load conditions, which is the strength of chiller systems in general and an area where the Chiltrix chillers beat the competition. The CX34 has an AHRI-Certified IPLV of EER 23, this means that the average rated efficiency in cooling mode is 675% (COP 6.75)

HEATING: The CX34 is well above average with up to 392% (COP 3.92) heating efficiency. Learn more about our chiller efficiency and technology.


How It Works


Up to 8 indoor units (IDUs) can be used. One Chiltrix ODU can connect to an amount of IDUs rated for up to 115% of the ODU capacity. ODU can also be used with ducted air handler, floor heating, or integrated with existing boiler or solar hydronic heating.


What's Inside The Box

The CX34 ODU, a complete chiller - with our technology there is no additional pump or indoor storage tank, etc. needed. It's air cooled, so no water source or cooling tower is needed.  We have incorporated the evaporator, condenser, all controls, valves, etc., into a sealed self-contained outdoor unit. No refrigeration gauges, vacuum pumps, extra Freon, or special skills, are needed to install the system. The installer will only need to connect power, and connect the fan coils and water lines.

The CX34 air cooled chiller works by cooling or heating a water or water/glycol fluid distribution loop with a high efficiency DC-Inverter compressor and pumping the fluid through ductless fan coils, hydronic air handler, and/or floor heating system. Any or all of these types of indoor equipment can be used, and can be used in combination with each other if desired. The fluid is returned to the chiller ODU to heat or cool it back to its operating temperature. The fluid contains water with 0-50% glycol, depending on the location and expected winter conditions. The CX34 uses a variable speed compressor and variable speed water/fluid flow, along with a variable speed condenser fan. This is not an "evaporative" chiller, it consumes no water and works fine regardless of humidity, performing strong dehumidification as needed. The water/glycol is used to only to distribute heating and cooling between the outdoor unit and indoor units, no water is consumed.

The Chiltrix system uses a DC-inverter compressor and a DC-inverter water pump (both are variable speed) controlled together to achieve the best possible balance of water flow rate and compressor speed. A microcontroller continuously monitors the ∆T between the leaving and returning water, and flow rate, calculates the cooling load, and adjusts the pump and compressor speeds independently of each other to maintain the needed capacity with the lowest possible total power draw. MODBUS Compatible.

Fan Coil Units For Chiller Air Conditioner & Hydronic Heating & Cooling (IDU Indoor Units)

Ductless Indoor Fan Coil Units




Ultra High Efficiency Fan Coil Units w/ DC Inverter Fan Motors

DC-Inverter fan motors run more efficiently and use less power than regular fan motors. Additionally, they are far quieter than a standard fan unit, you can hardly hear them running. And using a hermetically sealed fan motor means years of trouble free service because dust, salts, acids, and moisture cannot get inside. Did we mention more efficient? DC-Inverter fan motors use up to 75% less electricity to do the same job. Chiltrix Ultra-Slim DC-Inverter CXI FCUs are 110-130V 60Hz. There are three design options pictured below, a free standing floor unit, a ceiling mounted unit and a wall mounted unit. See Spec Sheet Here

Chiltrix DC Inverter Fan Coil Units

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 16.54.58.png

The Chiltrix CXI-series FCUs are the thinnest and quietest ductless chiller fan coil units available. They also use far less electricity to operate than any standard fan coil unit. The HW series is a standard high wall design of standard efficiency. The Chiltrix CX-series chiller heat pump units can work with nearly any brand of fan coil unit, ducted or ductless, as well as hydronic in-floor systems.


Central Ducted Hydronic Systems:

Ducted forced air systems are less efficient than ductless fan coil units due to static pressure drop and duct thermal loss. Ducted systems require a centralized thermostat,and cannot take advantage of individual zones in each room like a ductless system. In new construction, or when adding air conditioning to a building that has no current duct system, the installed cost of a ductless system will be about the same, or less than, installing with a duct system. However, if a central ducted system is your best choice, the Chiltrix system combined with a FirstCo DC-Inverter powered VMB will be your most efficient choice

About DC Inverter Fan Motor Technology

Whether it is used for a compressor, a pump, or a fan motor, DC Inverter motors are well known for being more efficient. They also run cooler, last longer, and produce a much lower sound level.


\DC Inverter motors have no actual inverter in them, AC power runs through a rectifier circuit converting it to DC power. The DC power is then pulsed in varying frequencies to rotate the motor. The higher the pulse frequency, the faster the motor turns.


DC inverter motors are not only up to 20-40% more efficient at a given speed, they also provide the ability to efficiently match the motor speed to the real-time demand saving even more energy.

Hydronic Air Handler (AHU) Fan Coil For Ducted System
Water Coil Air Handlers for Duct System

VMB Variable Speed AHU Air Handler w/ DC Inverter Fan Motor

Fully Compatible With Chiltrix Air To Water Heat Pumps


Ideal for Either Vertical (Upflow) or Horizontal Applications with Convertible Drain Pan.

120v DC Inverter High-Efficiency Variable Speed Fan Programmable VMB Motor Automatically Adjusts its Torque and Speed for Constant Air Flow over a Wide Range of Static Pressures.


Slow, Steady Air Flow Increases Dehumidification

Typical Power Consumption <80w Compared to Standard Air Induction Motor Air Handler at 400w.


Quiet. Did We Say Quiet? The DC Motors offer 40% Lower Noise Level

Zoning: VMB is compatible with most properly sized and installed zone control systems.


Vertical or Horizontal Mounting

The above ducted air handler fan coil units use variable speed DC inverter motor fans, as such they are highly efficient, very quiet, and long lasting. The ducted AHU fan coil units above are meant to be specified and installed only by a professional HVAC contractor. Use the chart below to see which Firstco VMB unit will handle the required capacity.

NOTE: When sizing air handlers for use with Chiltrix air-to-water heat pumps it is important to consider the capacity in BTU, air flow, and static pressure - this should be handled by your professional contractor while noting the non-standard operating characteristics of the Chiltrix ultra-high high efficiency air to water heat pump. For example, air handlers are generally rated for cooling at 44F entering water temperature. That's also fine for Chiltrix, however, if you equip your Chiltrix with DHC (Dynamic Humidity Control) it is advisable to use the extended data below to properly size the air handler for the non-standard DHC temperature (generally, 54F EWT for DHC operation). See VMB cooling and heating capacity data below. Also, attention must be paid to heating supply temperatures, recommended VMB sizing for heating use with the Chiltrix AWHP is below.

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 18.28.41.png

Important Note About Ducted Air Handlers

We are happy to help you select the proper Firstco model based on BTU capacity for ducted or concealed hydronic air handler to be used with the Chiltrix air to water heat pump, however, any questions or issues regarding required air flow (CFM), static pressure, duct design, filter or other options, etc. must be addressed by your professional installer and are not supported by us. Please confirm application, fitment, CFM, needed options, etc. with your HVAC installation professional.

Many Other Fan Coil Options

If you don't prefer a ducted system, consider our ultra-high efficiency DC Inverter ductless room fan coil units for better efficiency and individual room zoning. Note, you can also mix and match - for example, you may decide to use a ducted or concealed ceiling fan coil in an  open area of your home such as a combined living room-dining room-kitchen, or a great room, etc. and then also use ductless room fan coil units for bedrooms, office, den, or other individual rooms. In addition, either ducted or ductless,or a combination of these, can be used along with radiant heating, domestic hot water, etc. with the Chiltrix air to water heat pump.


The Chiltrix system is highly flexible and can be configured in many ways. The Chiltrix air to water heat pump manufacturers support team is always ready and willing to help you create the perfect design for your home.

Hydronic Concealed Ceiling Fan Coil Units
Ceiling Cassette Type Fan Coil

Concealed Ceiling Fan Coil Units
w/ High-Efficiency DC Inverter Fans


Uncased Ceiling Concealed: HBC(X)

Ceiling Concealed w/ Plenum: PHBC(X)

Ceiling Recessed: RHBC(X)

*Recessed Unit RHBC(X) (Cassette Type) Has Telescoping Panel

*Horizontal Installation
*Copper tube coils
*Sloped and Insulated drain pan
*2 pipe -designed for air to water heat pump
*120V DC Inverter Motor
*HBC(X) Units Offer CFM 300 to 1300
Cooling Range: 5,900- 36,000 BTU
Heating Range 5,400-31,000 BTU:

NOTE: When sizing conventional air handlers for use with Chiltrix air-to-water heat pumps (or any high-efficiency, low temp AWHP) it is important to consider the capacity implications. For example, air handlers are generally rated for cooling at 44F entering water temperature. That's also fine for Chiltrix, however, if you equip your Chiltrix with DHC (dynamic Humidity Control) it is advisable to use the extended data and size the air handler for the non-standard DHC temperature (generally, 54F EWT). Likewise, for heating, most air handlers are rated for 180F EWT which will never be possible for a low-temp AWHP so you must size the fan coil based on both the manufacturer published data and the de-rate document.

All of the above ducted and ceiling concealed fan coil "X" units use variable speed DC inverter motor fans, as such they are highly efficient, very quiet, and long lasting. The concealed ceiling fan coils and ducted air handler units shown above are meant to be specified and installed only by a professional HVAC contractor.

Important Note About Ceiling Concealed / Cassette Fan Coil Units

We are happy to help you select the proper model based on BTU capacity for ducted or concealed hydronic air handler to be used with the Chiltrix air to water heat pump, however, any questions or issues regarding required air flow (CFM), static pressure, or duct design, etc. must be addressed by your professional installer and are not supported by us. Please confirm application, fitment, CFM, etc. with your HVAC installation professional.

The Chiltrix system is highly flexible and can be configured in many ways. The Chiltrix air to water heat pump manufacturers support team is always ready and willing to help you create the perfect design for your home.

Chiller FCU Fan Coil Unit w/ WiFi Control
FCU-wifi-features copy.png

WiFi Controlled FCUs

Introducing the Chiltrix WiFi option for CXI-series FCUs (Fan Coil Units). Optional WiFi control may be added to any CXI FCU.

The CXI and CXI-WiFi fan coil units are designed to work with Chiltrix ultra-efficient small air-to-water chillers, however these chilled water FCUs can be used for heating or cooling with nearly any chiller or hydronic heating system, or added to a radiant heating system.

Our WiFi APP allows the user to program various scheduled functions and have full remote control of the FCU(s) via iPhone or Android smartphone. Web browser access will be available in the future.

The WiFi remote control option is reverse-compatible with all prior Chiltrix CXI chiller fan coil units.

An *Enterprise* version coming soon will be perfect for hotels or other facilities needing central control over dozens or hundreds of fan coil units, and can also be used with our DC inverter PTACs and PTHPs (PTAC heat pumps).

  • Control Your CXI Chiller Fan Coil Units each with their own custom settings

  • Free APP available through Apple Store or Google Play

  • 7-Day Programmable Features

  • Automatically turn off when you leave your home & automatically resume operation as you return (Requires Smartphone with GPS)


Access and control with your phone - from home, work, or anywhere.

  • Secure Remote Control

  • Amazon AWS Cloud Iot Service


  • Access From Anywhere


  • FREE iPhone/Android APP


The WiFi remote control  is wall mounted in the same room with the fan coil(s) and requires a 120v outlet.  Installation is simple. Wall unit communicates with fan coils via their standard infrared wireless interface. Wall unit also connects to a customer-provided WiFi router with internet connection.

Psychrologix™ Advanced Chiller Controller


Programmable Chiller Automation w/ DHC (Dynamic Humidity Control) Psychrometric Controller




The Psychrologix™ chiller controller is ideal for homes, small business, or server-room cooling applications where tight humidity control and increased efficiency is required.


The controller manages humidity, efficiency optimization, alarms, automatic switchover from cooling to heating, summer and winter vacation modes, and more.


Controls up to three chillers either in lead-lag or combined as a single larger chiller.

Chiltrix small air cooled chillers with Psychrologix™ control use a unique psychrometric controls approach coupled with variable speed compressors, variable speed pumps,  variable speed fans, etc. The Chiltrix chillers match their capacity to the load so precisely that often buffer tanks are not needed. Not only is capacity matched in real time, but the parameters are continuously adjusted in response to conditions. For example, when more dehumidification is needed, the Psychrologix™ DHC controller lowers the indoor unit coil temperature to remove more humidity. When humidity is under control, the system raises the coil temperature to a more energy efficient temperature that still provides the needed cooling, but does not remove as much humidity, or may at times remove no humidity at all if humidity is already low enough.

Humidity removal (dehumidification, or latent heat removal) is very energy intensive and consumes a large part of the total energy used by an air conditioner. When needed, dehumidification is a good thing and the Chiltrix chillers do an outstanding job of humidity removal. Chiltrix chillers with psychrometric controls can also automatically perform hyper-dehumidification by increasing humidity removal to levels that surpass those of a normal chiller or air conditioner, if needed, to deal with extra high humidity.

Humidity does not pass through walls like heat, it requires an air flow from a more humid area, like for example, a door opening to the outside on a humid day, or an internal source such as a steamy hot shower or people exercising, etc. Once indoor humidity is under control and within the user-defined range, humidity should remain low for extended periods without additional dehumidification unless additional humidity is introduced into the space. During periods when humidity is in range, the Psychrologix™ DHC controller will automatically adjust the chiller parameters to provide thermostat cooling, but not provide dehumidification. Turning off dehumidification saves a very large amount of energy when conditions allow.


Simplified Efficiency & Humidity Example:
The CX34 IPLV EER, at the industry standard chiller loop temperature of 44F, is around EER 23, exceptionally high when compared to standard systems. However, when humidity is under the set limit, there is no need to operate the loop at 44F when at 55F, thermostat temperature settings can still be maintained, and average efficiency rises to ~EER 30 or higher. So when indoor humidity is under the user-defined limit, the Psychrologix™ controller allows the system to run at a more efficient temperature. In some cases, the loop may be adjusted as high as 62F producing average EER as high as EER 34. And likewise, if humidity is particularly high, the system loop may be dropped as low as 40F to perform hyper-dehumidification. In this manner, both system efficiency and humidity are dynamically controlled.

IPLV: What it is and why it's important

Bottom Line - The Chiltrix chiller is the most energy efficient heating and cooling option you will find, with the highest IPLV rating in the market, even without the Psychrologix™/DHC. But with DHC running, efficiency can at times be more than 47% higher than the IPLV rating.

Note - the Psychrologix™ controller is not a thermostat - it is a programmable psychrometric chiller controller. Thermostat settings are still made in the usual way, either set individually at each room fan coil unit, or in the case of a ducted system, by a standard central thermostat.



For the details on how this works, click to see the White Paper - Chiltrix Chiller With Psychrologix™ Controller

Example Screen Views of the Psychrologix™ Controller

The Psychrologix™ chiller controller has dozens of other functions and features as explained in the operating manual.

Solar Solar Direct Option 

No Batteries & No Net-Metering.

Connect 4 standard solar panels to the ACDCX Asymmetric Inverter. Connect the ACDCX to Grid. Connect ACDCX to CX34.

Depending on conditions, the CX34 can run directly from solar using the ACDCX. When ACDCX solar power is not enough, the ACDCX gets small amounts of extra power from the grid, just exactly enough to make up the difference. No special meter or net-metering agreements are needed.

  • Operate CX34 with solar power only, grid power only, or combined solar and grid.

  • Unlike a normal grid-tied solar inverter, ACDCX can provide AC power during utility power outage.

  • Asymmetric: No power ever sent back to grid. No net-metering agreement or special meter needed.

  • One-Way grid connection allows ACDCX to pull but not export power.

  • MPPT for each PV panel. MC4 Plug-N-Play.

The most basic configuration is shown above. Max output per ACDCX is 1.25 kW. A special-order dual ACDCX may be used to connect up to 8 solar PV panels for 2.5 kW. Note, CX34 power consumption ranges from 400w to 2500w, with average power draw under 1200w.
Spec Sheet

Below shows how the ACDCX Asymmetric Inverter can be used with a sub-panel to power other 240v loads, and/or how it can be used along with an optional grid-tied PV system. Max sub-panel loading is 20 amps.


ACDCX and can also power critical 240v loads from the sub-panel (day time) during a utility/grid power outage when enough solar energy is available. During a grid power outage only loads smaller than available solar power should be operated from the ACDCX sub panel.


NOTE: If grid power is not available and solar cannot meet the sub-panel load, the ACDCX will trip offline and will try to restart periodically.


NOTE: 240v power is provided as true single phase L1+N. There is no 120v "leg". There is no L2. Please consult the manual or contact our technical support dept. with any questions.

What is the ACDCX Asymmetric Inverter?
The ACDCX is essentially a 4-channel/4x MPPT microinverter with a one-way AC grid tie rated at 1.25 kW output, and smart AC power pass-through. It uses all available solar-derived AC power as primary power, and blends in any needed extra AC power from the main panel (utility power) as secondary power. ACDCX has MC4 connections for connecting to 4 standard 72 cell solar panels up to 380w each. Two special-order dual ACDCX can be combined for 2.5 kW.


4x MC4 connectors for solar panels
1x 240v grid connection
1x 240v load connection


One of the unique things about the ACDCX and the reason we call it "asymmetric" is that the ACDCX microinverter does not export power to the grid, but can use power from the grid, if and when needed. Any needed grid power is seamlessly mixed into the solar power. Solar is always primary. The ACDCX can also work when utility/grid is not connected or available. In this case you can consider limiting the CX34 max capacity for temporary off-grid use, contact Chiltrix technical support for information.


Compatibility: We have models for 120v, 208v, 220v, 230v, and the 240v. model is =standard, at 60Hz, we also have 50Hz models.


Not allowed to export power?  Monthly net metering fees too high? At the utility company limit for net-metering? No Problem, the ACDCX does not export power and does not feed power back to the utility grid, it is a one-way grid tie inverter. No special meter and no net metering is needed for using the ACDCX. The ACDCX one-way grid tie inverter lets you enjoy solar immediately and without utility company permission.


UL1741 and IEEE1547 (E113426), CSA107.1, FCC Part 15 Class A
Outdoor Rated –NEMA 6 (IP67)
Complies with NEC 2014/2017 690.12 Rapid Shutdown
GFDI Built-In. See UL Certification
3-Year Limited Warranty

If the ACDCX is mounted outside, an outdoor AC junction box may be required. Must be installed in compliance with national and local electrical codes.

Indirect Coil Heat Exchanger Tanks

Stainless Hydronic Tanks For Domestic Water Heating

Solar water heating tanks or other indirect tanks with coil heat exchangers can be used for domestic water heating with Chiltrix air to water heat pumps.  Chiltrix also offers a totally unique ultra-high performance stainless indirect tank, the DHW80.


An extra feature of the Chiltrix reverse cycle chiller (also known as an air to water heat pump or hydronic heat pump) is domestic hot water heating.  A special 3-way valve allows the Chiltrix unit to automatically provide high-efficiency water heating by taking a brief pause from its current duties of space heating or cooling, quickly bring the DHW (Domestic Hot Water) tank back to the target temperature, and then resume its former task of space heating or cooling.

This feature leverages the high COP of the heat pump unit and provides water heating between two and four times more efficient than electric water heating providing up to 70% energy savings as compared to an electric water heater. This means you can get up to 70% of your annual water heating for free.

Note that a standard electric water heater has a coefficient of performance (COP) of 1.0, meaning that it is 100% efficient. 1 kW of electrical input gives 1 kW of heat output.  100% efficiency sounds good, but not really. Depending on ambient temperature, a heat pump such as Chiltrix will have a COP of between 2 and >4 (200% to >400% efficient) depending on ambient temperature. That's why heat pump water heaters are becoming popular.

Adopting the European approach to heat pump system design, the Chiltrix DHW multi-function method allows your heating/cooling system to also perform as a high-efficiency water heater. And the Chiltrix method has higher net efficiency than a typical USA-style self-contained heat pump water heater because the "cooling" side of the Chiltrix water heating system is outdoors and does not rob heat from the indoors during winter.


The water heating function can be used with Chiltrix in a ducted design, with fan coils, with radiant heating, or with any combination of the above. Below: Diagram of major components, fan coil system with water heating.


Above shows Chiltrix used w/ DHW Tank
More designs here

Super-Efficient Heat Exchanger Tanks (Ultra-High Performance All-Stainless Steel Tanks)

Produced by Chiltrix for maximum performance, these tanks have a giant 72' x 1.25" (32 ft^2 surface area) convoluted coil. Coil and inner tank use 2205 Duplex stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance, outer tank is SUS 304 stainless steel.

All-Stainless Heat Exchanger Tank, 1x single-wall convoluted coil, 70 gallons net Spec Sheet

The 2205 Duplex stainless inner tank offers the highest corrosion resistance of any available stainless steel tank material. The Chiltrix DHW80 tanks (70 gallons net of coil) are designed to outperform every indirect heat exchanger tank or solar tank on the market, with the fastest heat transfer and truly exceptional durability. The DHW80 tanks use an oversized convoluted coil for disruption of laminar flow and superior thermal performance.


Adding DHW always requires adding a Chiltrix DHW valve.

How It Works
Indoor Unit Opions
Ductess Indoor Fan Coil Units
Conceled Ceiling Fan Coil Unit
Ducted Air System Handlers
Dynamic Humidity Control
Wifi Control
Solar PV Direct Connect
Hot Water Tanks
FAQ & More...

EER Comparision Chart

Anti-Corrosion Technology

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