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Anti-Corrosion Chiller Air Conditioner Technology For Coastal & Salty Air

All Chiltrix Outdoor Units Use Anti-Corrosion Technology

Building the worlds highest efficiency air-cooled chiller is great, but it needs to last. That's why the CX34 components list looks like a who's-who of top name component providers including MultiStack, SWEP, Mitsubushi, Emerson, and others. In addition, Chiltrix employs anti-corrosion coils on its outdoor unit. This special coil technology resists corrosion from salty air and other airborne pollutants.

Designed for adverse air quality, all Chiltrix chillers use the anti-corrosion technology. This is not a coating. Anti-corrosion coatings eventually wear off, and worse, the coating acts as an insulation layer which reduces the coil efficiency. The Chiltrix anti-corrosion is a part of the manufacturing process, not something that is added later. And not added after official performance testing has been done.

  • NOT A COATING The aluminum fins of the outdoor heat exchanger coil are manufactured with a special silica based nanotechnology process for long life and corrosion resistance. The unique SiO2 nanotech manufacturing process used to produce the coil includes the addition of silica (essentially, glass) into the aluminum fins, which allow the fins to resist corrosive salts and extends the life of the coil. This is not a post-manufacturing coating and it can never wear off.

  • TIGHTLY SEALED In addition to the special coil, the Chiltrix compressor and condenser fans use long-lasting brushless DC inverter motors made with Neodymium (Rare Earth) permanent magnets. The mechanical components are hermetically sealed. No water, moisture, air, salt, dust, or other contaminates can get inside.

  • EFFICIENCY - Some other manufacturers test and certify an aluminum fin coil and then afterwards, add an anti-corrosion coating over the aluminum fins, which lowers the performance. The capacity and efficiency testing is done without the coating, which means that the end users of the anti-corrosion-coated units get less capacity and efficiency than what's advertised. Not so with Chiltrix. Our units were sent to the AHRI lab and tested with the anti-corrosion coil installed. The extreme high performance of the Chiltrix air-to-water chiller heat pumps, and the ratings we publish, are net of any performance loss due to anti-corrosion technology.

  • DYNAMIC HUMIDITY CONTROL In a coastal or tropical environment? Then chances are you have high outdoor humidity too. Meet the only air-cooled chiller air conditioner with Dynamic Humidity Control. Keep the humidity outside. See below.


Psychrologix™ Controller DHC

(Dynamic Humidity Control) function is designed to dynamically control humidity and operate the chiller above its already high efficiency rating. DHC Controller dynamically manages the coil temperature to tightly control humidity and efficiency.  See DHC Details.

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