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Helping Hands

Our company focuses on helping people and businesses become more energy efficient and save money while helping save the environment.

However, there are many places in the world where having access to any energy is financially or logistically difficult and in some cases even impossible.

10% of the profit on our Zamna Climate Hybrid Solar Ready Air Conditioners/Heat Pumps goes to fill a "Zamna Box" container with our hybrid and off grid air conditioner/heat pump packages to be donated to areas in critical need.

You cannot imagine the difference it makes for medical centers, refugee camps, natural disaster shelters and even schools to have reliable power and air conditioning/heat on a daily basis and in moments of need.


This is not just a third world problem but an issue that places right here in the USA face. The fires in CA, the snow in TX, the hurricanes in FL all leave several of Americans without the basic necessities of survival. Zamna Solutions is trying to help people, businesses and countries be more prepared and independent from the grid when disaster strikes. 

If someplace you know could benefit from receiving a "Zamna Box" please contact us to discuss the needs, fundraising options and to get placed on our waiting list for container donations.


If you or your company are interested in helping fill these Zamna Box's please contact us. The cost of filling one Zamna Box with 50 Solar Ready or OFF Grid Air Conditioner/Heat Pump Packages is approximately $100,000.


Zamna Boxes can also be filled with a combination of all our products beneficial to areas of need: Hybrid Air Conditioners/Heat Pumps, Solar Panels, Solar and Battery Storage and Backups, Solar Water Heaters and Generators.

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