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HotSpot 12,000 BTU Solar AC

HotSpot 12,000 BTU Solar AC


The AHRI-Certified ACDC12C can operate directly from solar panels without inverter or batteries, can pull extra power from the grid without export, so no special meter or “net metering” is required. Can also operate without a grid connection. The ACDC12C inlcudes the indoor minisplit unit, the outdoor compressor unit and includes a 3M lineset. It is shipped pre-charged with R410a, an ozone-friendly refrigerant and we recommend hiring a professional HVAC installer. If self-installing, you will need a licensed HVAC technician with a vacuum pump to do the final commissioning and to comply with US federal law. Solar Panels are NOT included.

  • Shipping

    Flat Rate $250 UPS Ground Shipping in the United States.

    Free Shipping to a Freight Forwarder in South Florida for shipments in the Carribean and Latin America.

  • Warranty

    Link to Warranty Click Here

  • Dimensions

    Outdoor Unit 37x16x24 inches Weight 86lbs

    Indoor Unit 37x15x11 inches Weight 28lbs

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