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Zamna Climate DC OFF GRID 12,000btu Minisplit AC/Heater

Zamna Climate DC OFF GRID 12,000btu Minisplit AC/Heater

$2,269.00 Precio
$1,969.00Precio de oferta

The Zamna Climate DC12K Off Grid mini split is a purpose-built DC powered air conditioner heat pump for native DC power. It's designed to conserve power, and operate reliably for many years without maintenance. SeaSpray Anti-Corrosion technology protects circuit boards, condenser, evaporator, compressor, and fan motors from salt air corrosion. The DC12K Off Grid is a variable capacity, variable speed, variable refrigerant flow unit. There is no other solar or DC air conditioner like it on the market. If self-installing, you will need a licensed HVAC technician with a vacuum pump to do the final commissioning and to comply with US federal law.

This is the Air Conditioner/Heat Pump unit ONLY, other necessary components of this system are sold SEPERATELY.

  •  Solar Panels are sold SEPERATLEY so you can determine how many hours per day of solar operation you want. This will determine the amount of solar panels necessary for your system.
  • Charge Controller is sold SEPERATLEY
  • Batteries are sold SEPERATLEY


  • Shipping

    Flat Rate $300 UPS Ground Shipping in the United States.

    Free Shipping to a Freight Forwarder in South Florida for shipments in the Carribean and Latin America.

    For Jamaican Customers: shipping is NOT charged at checkout. Once your order is received you will be contacted with a shipping quote from our warehouse in Montego Bay to your specific address.

  • Dimensions

    Outdoor Unit 37x16x24 inches Weight 86lbs

    Indoor Unit 37x15x11 inches Weight 28lbs

  • Warranty

    Link to Warranty Click Here

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