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Zamna Solutions works with solar and HVAC dealers and distributors around the world on both an exclusive and non-exclusive basis.


Containers (50 units) ship FOB Factory, Jiantsu.

Quantities under 50 units ship FOB Virginia and or FOB Florida.

International orders ship via Freight Forwarder in South Florida.

Local pickup is also available in Jupiter, Florida.


A Crane Lifting a Container
Model ACDC12C Hybrid Unit

Indoor Unit:

Packing (L*W*H) Inch 37x15x11

Gross weight  Lb. 28


Outdoor Unit:

Packing (L*W*H) Inch 37x16x24

Gross weight  Lbs. 86


HS Code: 8415.10.3060

Shipping Containers
Model ACDC18C Hybrid Unit

Indoor Unit:

Packing (L*W*H) Inch 42x16x13

Gross weight  Lb. 36


Outdoor Unit:

Packing (L*W*H) Inch 41x17x30

Gross weight  Lbs. 120


HS Code: 8415.10.3060

Packaging Factory
Model DC4812VRF / All-DC unit

Indoor Unit:

Packing (W*D*H) mm 1015x295x368

Packing (W*D*H) inch 39.96x11.61x14.49

Gross weight  Kg14.5

Gross weight  lbs.31.97


Outdoor Unit:

Packing (W*D*H) mm 887x355x645

Packing (W*D*H) inch 34.92x13.98x25.39

Gross weight  Kg 42

Gross weight  lbs. 92.59


HS Code: 8415.10.3060

Male Movers

Units are on pallets sized to match.


Unit ACDC12/DC48 (WxDxH) inches 18 x 40 x 41 175 lbs


Unit ACDC18 (WxDxH)  inches 24 x 48 x 48  225 lbs


1 of each (WxDxH) inches 48 x 40 x 48 390 lbs

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