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Firefly Carbon AGM Battery

Compare to Aquion Salt Water Battery & Tesla Powerwall Batteries
Solar Battery Inventory In Stock Buy Now
Up To 20+ Year Life / 7 Year Manufacturers Warranty
12v/24v/48v Battery For Off-Grid Solar or Grid-Tied Backup Power
Sealed Maintenance-Free Carbon AGM Technology

  • Best Option For Off-Grid Solar

  • Fast Charge & Discharge Performance

  • Works w/ Standard Charge Controller / Inverter

  • Carbon Foam AGM - Longest Life AGM On The Market

  • 7 Year Factory Warranty

  • Wide Temperature Operation -20C to 50C (-4F to 122F)

  • Use for 12v / 24v / 48v Systems

  • Safe & Sealed, Maintenance Free Battery

Need to Buy Solar Batteries? Need a better and more cost-effective alternative to Lithium Ion, Tesla Powerwall, or Aquion Saltwater Batteries? Looking for best cost, low prices, best performance, longest life span on deep cycle solar batteries?


50-60% less costly than Lithium batteries with 80% of the life expectancy, Firefly Carbon AGM batteries charge faster and have better hot and cold weather performance than Lithium batteries. And Firefly Carbon AGM batteries can't suddenly catch on fire or have thermal runaway issues like Lithium batteries.

What's the story on Firefly Batteries?

Firefly was born in the R&D laboratories of Caterpillar Inc., a well-regarded maker of heavy equipment. CAT is known world-wide for its high-quality equipment but even so, its customers often complained about battery lifespan, and about performance, particularly in hot/cold weather, so CAT set out to find a better solution. Invented in the Caterpillar R&D labs after several years of development and patented in 2005, the Firefly Carbon Foam AGM solar batteries are a unique American-invented technology providing extra-long life, high amp charge & discharge, outstanding PSOC (partial state of charge) performance, and outstanding performance in very hot or very cold weather.
In the real world, solar batteries are not always fully discharged and then fully recharged every day. PSOC operation is a more common solar usage and is another area where the Firefly Carbon AGM battery beats all others. Many solar battery manufacturers prefer to test and discuss cycle life based only on full discharge and recharge cycles. But in the world of off-grid solar, PSOC performance is another area where Firefly Carbon AGM excels in performance, beating all other AGM batteries by a wide margin.


  • Solar Energy Storage Battery

  • Off-Grid & Grid-Tied Solar Battery

  • UPS / Battery Backup

  • Peak Shaving Battery Storage

  • Truck Anti-Idling

  • Mission Critical Emergency Power

  • Solar / Telecom / Data Center / Cell Tower / Whole House UPS

  • Carbon AGM Marine Batteries

See spec sheet G31 12v Solar Battery

Firefly SDS

See spec sheet L15 2v & 4v Solar Battery

Firefly User Manual

Firefly Warranty

Battery Wiring Diagrams

Firefly Test Results

Download Spec Sheet

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