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Average Daily Solar Hours (Insolation) Map USA


This is an official map provided by NREL ( US Department of Energy) that shows the average average daily solar insolation values for various areas of the US. Each kWh/m/day is consider to be one "solar hour". This is helpful to determine the size of the PV solar array (and battery plant) needed to operate a solar powered air conditioner for a given number of hours per day.


Note* DNI (Direct Normal Insolation), solar insolation, solar radiation, solar irrandiance are all the same thing. These terms all refer to the solar strength, measured in average kWh per day per square meter, in a given location.


Average Solar Hours Per Day:


Solar Hours Map For Caribbean, Central America, South America (Solar Insolation Map)


This map shows the annual and daily average solar hours (solar insolation) for various areas in the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. This information is needed to properly size the battery and PV solar panel configuration needed for operating the HotSpot DC powered air conditioner, where the DC power for battery charging is provided by solar energy.

Estimated Average Daily Solar Hours:

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 17.35.20.png
South America Solar Map
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