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For HotSpot ACDC12C & ACDC18C

What are the different types of solar air conditioners?
HotSpot offers two types of solar air conditioners, an AC-DC Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner, and an all-DC off-grid/telecom air conditioning unit. There are also other types of solar air conditioners in the market, for a good analysis of the various systems available, see the page called compare solar air conditioners.

How does the ACDC12C air conditioner work?
The ACDC12C operates like all normal ultra-high-SEER mini-split heat pumps, but accepts solar directly from standard solar panels. When abundant solar energy is available the ACDC12C can operate with only solar panels as a power source. For best operation at full speed, on cloudy days, or to run at night, an optional grid-power AC connection is recommended.

Does it have to be connected to main power?
No, it can use only power from solar during strong sun hours. An AC power source is recommended for cloudy days or to run at night. The AC source can be supplied by utility power, an inverter, or a sine-wave quality generator.

How much power does it use?
Because it is a SEER 22 system (certified) it uses very little power. Normal operation consumes about 600 watts of total power.

How difficult is it to install?
It installs exactly like a normal mini-split air conditioner, then you can simply plug in the solar panels. In the USA a EPP licensed is needed to handle r410a so we recommend you hire a licensed HVAC technician to perform at least the final part of the installation.

Does it need batteries?
No, the ACDC12C does not need batteries. Any shortage of solar power, such as at night, is made up for by pulling the power from the normal AC power supply.

Is the system certified for safety and performance?
Yes, the ACDC12C has been fully tested and is listed by ETL/UL 60335

How much does it cost?
The final installed price will vary based on accessories and installation requirements. The list price of the system is $1795. Solar panels are not included but can be ordered from us or self-supplied.

What is the SHF (Sensible Heat Fraction)?
This refers to the balance of sensible vs. latent heat removal (de humidification) in cooling mode.
Cooling Mode: AVERAGE DATA - Sensible heat(W) 2524.2 Latent heat(W) 705.4
SHF for heating mode is always 100% sensible.

For DC Off-Grid Solar Air Conditioning

How much does it cost?
The DC air conditioner by itself is $1,995. Complete systems range from around $4,000 and up.
See complete systems pricing here.


Can we get quantity discounts?
Yes, please contact us.


How much power does it use?
It uses ~/< 500w under normal running conditions. Max power is ~/<1000w.
See the technology & performance data.


What is included?
Includes the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. It does not include PV panels, batteries, charge controller or connecting lines. We can offer the unit by itself at this price or we can help put together complete systems.


How many solar panels do I need?
You need at least 4 solar panels, with 6 or 8 used for systems that need to operate longer hours each day. For examples of pre-designed systems, see the section on complete systems.


How many batteries do I need?
A minimum configuration is 4 x 12v deep cycle batteries depending on how many hours per day the system will need to operate. For pre-calculated examples, please see the the section on complete systems.


Do you sell the solar batteries?
Most of our customers provide their own batteries, usuallly 8x 6v golf cart batteries. We do offer an advanced Carbon AGM solar battery - these are not cheap to buy but are maintenance-free and have a design 20 year life.


What about the connecting lines?
These usually cost around $95 and up depending on length. You can specify this when you order or your installer can make this part on-site to the exact size needed using standard parts. Max length 65 ft. (20m)


What else do I need?
You need a charge controller and a method to mount the panels. We can provide standard PV solar panel mounting hardware and charge controllers, please see complete systems.


How large of an area will it cool?
It is a one-ton (12,000 BTU) unit. Normally a 1 ton system can cool 500-700 square feet.


What about coastal or salt-air corrosion?
All units manufactured after Nov 10 2013 have anti-corrosion air conditioner technology included as a standard feature.


How does it work?

Please see DC4812VRF Air Conditioner Technology


What about DC telecom cooling applications?
We can offer 1+1 and 2+1 redundant backup air conditioning systems that balance run-time between 2 or 3 units, with automatic failover and alarm output. We also provide low-ambient cooling options for server rooms in cool climates. For more telco related application information please email us or give us a call at +1757-410-8640.


Can I become a dealer?
Yes, we work with solar and HVAC companies in the USA, Mexico and other parts of Latin America. Please contact us.


Do you have other sizes?
The 12000 BTU system is the only size we currently produce. However, two or more of these systems can be combined for 24,000 BTU or more, and share a single solar array, charge controller, and battery plant. Also, because the systems have infinitely variable capacity, each unit is very effecient when running at 3000 BTU, 6000 BTU, 9000 BTU, etc. So any capacity requirement from 3000 BTU and up can be met.


Do you have multi-head indoor systems?
We have only a single indoor unit available. However, two or more of these systems can be combined for 24,000 BTU or more, and share a single solar array, charge controller, and battery plant.

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