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JA Solar was founded in 2005 and listed on NASDAQ in 2007. The company’s business ranges from silicon wafers, cells and modules to complete photovoltaic power systems, and its products are sold to over 100 countries and regions. On the strength of its continuous technological innovation, sound financial condition, well-established global sales and customer service network, JA Solar has been highly recognized by authoritative associations in the industry as a leading global manufacturer of high-performance PV products.

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Solar Energy is a method of direct conversion of sunlight into electricity.The heart of a Solar Energy is the solar cell. The incident sunlight, i.e. electromagnetic radiation, on the solar cell initiates a physical response whereby the solar cells generate a direct current. In general, a solar panel is made up of 60 solar cells that are electrically connected together in the panel and safely protected by a tough glass panel and a frame. Several panels together make up a powerful and efficient solar system. The electrical current produced at the terminals of the solar panels flows through the connected cable to the inverter, where it is converted to alternating current so that it can be used by electrical equipment.